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Managedcare Services List

Category Services Price (RM)
Care Management Discharge planning assessment @ PPUM ward
Health Passport @ Vitality Hub 90
Care Assessment 250
Home modification and risk assessment 150
Home Care 4 hours 180
8 hours 250
Nursing Care General Nursing Assessment and Care Plan 150
Wound Management 150
Nasogastric Tube (NGT) Change 150
Nasogastric Tube (NGT) Insertion 150
Colostomy Bag Change 150
Intramuscular (I/M) Injection 150
Continuous Bladder Drainage (CBD) 150
Intravenous (I/V) Line Infusion 150
Basic Nursing Care 150
Subcutaneous (SC) Injection 150
Care Concierge Medical Escort 180
Transportation Service (Pick-up and Drop-off) 50
Medication Collection 100
Rehab Services
30 mins session of Physiotherapy service @ Vitality Hub 50
1 hour sesssion of Physiotherapy service @ Vitality Hub 90
Assessment and treatment at home 180
Physio treatment at home 150
Social Enrichment Program Ala-carte group activity @ Vitality Hub 30
One to one session @ Vitality Hub 160
Dietician Service Individual diet consultation service (Virtual, Single session) 270
Individual diet consultation service (Homecare, Single session) 370
Doctor Home Visit Home Visit 250
Health Screening 150
Vaccination 150
Others Mileage Charge 1/1km
Additional Hour - Within working hour (8am - 5pm) 40/hour
Additional Hour - Before or after working hour 50/hour


Category Package Name Price (RM)
Rehab Services Physiotherapy Package 5+1 750
Physiotherapy Package 10+2 1500
Social Enrichment Program Monthly Unlimited Package @ Vitality Hub 120
Monthly 8 Sessions Package @ Vitality Hub 99