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Longevity risk, medical inflation, insufficient savings and high cost of living demand a rethink on how we plan for health and long-term care for ourselves and loved ones.
Imagine being able to make informed decisions about the management of your money for the administration of care.

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CareTRUST™ is a living trust where you can set money aside to ensure provision of continuum care that is financially sustainable.

What Makes CareTRUST™ Motto Unique?

  1. A unique feature of CareTRUST™ as compared to other trusts is, as an account holder you will automatically have access to the services offered by the Care Administrator.
  2. The Care Administrator is responsible to ensure that the quality of care you will receive is provided in sync with your healthcare and long-term care plan.

About CareTRUST™ Motto

How does CareTRUST™ work ?

How does CareTrust work?

Who Manages CareTRUST™?

CareTRUST™ is managed by a team of credible and experienced professionals from:

1. Managedcare Sdn Bhd - Care Administrator
2. Rockwills Trustee Bhd - Trustee
3. KenWealth by Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd - Wealth Management Platform

Who Manages CareTRUST™?

As the Care Administrator, Managedcare coordinates, monitors and administrates a variety of health and care service providers to ensure optimum value of care for your overall wellbeing.

As the trustee, Rockwills safeguards your interests by monitoring the monies for your care according to your instructions.

Your monies in the CareTRUST™ will be invested in a cash management solution offered by KenWealth.

Why have a CareTRUST™ account ?

How can CareTRUST™ help you to cope with the challenges of your healthcare and long-term care ?

  1. To safeguard and protect you and your loved ones by planning for health and long-term care.
  2. To remove financial and emotional burden from your family and loved ones.
  3. Structured savings plan to look after your children and loved ones - health , long-term care and overall well being.
  4. To ensure you and your loved ones' peace of mind that quality and trusted care is provided.

Be Informed

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CareTRUST™ Brochure (download here)

CareTRUST™ Brochure

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