Care Administrator

Care Administrator

A Care Administrator is responsible to ensure that the quality of care the client will receive is provided in sync with his/ her healthcare and long-term care plan.

We provide our Care Administration service as part of CareTRUST™ or as a stand-alone service in accordance with the client’s requirements. Clients who subscribe to our Care Administration service will be assigned a Care Manager.

Services under Care Administration:

Services under Care Administration

Benefits of appointing a Care Administrator:

Our role as a Care Administrator is based on a client-centered service that respects the individual’s dignity, rights, values, and preferences. The care manager works closely with the client (and/or significant others) in achieving client's goals; through needs identification and individualised care planning and implementation. The care manager integrates a range of services offered by different agencies in a timely and coordinated way to address client’s goals and needs as required in the care plan.

Our Care Managers ensure:

  1. Clients are facilitated to make informed choices, on how to achieve their own goals through the use of existing community resources that meet their needs.
  2. Clients enjoy independence and autonomy residing in the community with their families.
  3. Maximisation of clients’ potential by involving them actively in the needs identification, assessment processes goal-setting & development of the customised care plan.
  4. The services provided are appropriate to, and are properly coordinated and integrated to meet the individual needs of the clients.
  5. Continuity of care made possible by facilitating access to services for the clients.
  6. Caregivers’ stress and burden in caring for the clients is alleviated through therapeutic interventions and support services available via the network of products and services.

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