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Dear Rosemary, it was on the 10/4/17 when you and your Managedcare team came over to advise me on how to care for my dad as he was bedridden after his fall a week prior. This was my first experience handling a person who is bedridden and I had no clue on how to deal with it. With your team giving useful tips and advice on the proper way to handle him, I gained confidence and could actually take up the challenge. Thank you again for all that you have done for my dad, for personally calling me weekly to check on his progress and for helping me get things that I needed.

– Mdm Porrkodi

I wish to say a thousand thanks to Rosemary and Jin for your help and great support. We were urgently looking for a helper to look after my mother who was injured for two weeks. At that time, my family and I were very stressed with no clue about what we were supposed to do. Luckily, I found Jin and Rosemary from Managedcare who provided me a lot of advice and support. Thanks again!

– Ms Ch’ng

I’m fortunate and I appreciate Managedcare’s help in arranging a professional carer for me when I needed help to take care of my mother. Their service is good and it helped me a lot.

– Lilian Hoh

Very efficient, Managedcare provides good service. They do their best in understanding the patient’s need and making sure the needs are fulfilled. You can count on them to solve your problems. Definitely money worth and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

– Sheryl Hoe

Managedcare’s personnel are very professional in carrying out their tasks. They’re helpful and very responsive to enquiries. They take into account the client’s personal needs and challenges, then provide customised solutions. They take a lot of stress away because when a family member is struck with ill health, the last thing we want is dealing with amateurs.

– Ms. Lim

Rose Mary, my dad is recovering well now and we are managing fine on our own. I won’t be renewing the care package for next month onwards. Thank you so much for providing Virginita. She has been incredibly helpful and attentive. Appreciate all the assistance you, Mariana and the Managedcare team have provided.

– Siti Hawa

Stephanie Chia has been a wonderful medical escort for me today. A very calm person, she knows the ins and outs of UH. She is also a caring person and is certainly an asset to ManagedCare. Would certainly recommend your medical escort service if your other escorts are just as good and caring.

– Molly Chua

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