About us

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Managedcare is in the business of coordinating a variety of healthcare and long-term care services as well as the administration of these services to achieve optimum value in terms of quality and affordability.

We bring to you products and services that ease the provision and access to care, giving you peace of mind.

Managedcare is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aged Care Group Sdn Bhd . Aged Care Group (ACG) is in the business of elevating and providing care services – www.agedcare.com.my


To meet the growing demand for care at a price, quality and vicinity/locality that is sustainable for different income levels.

We strive to achieve our vision by:

  1. Providing a one stop platform that delivers information on health and long-term care related services and products
  2. Optimising the provision of the client’s care in terms of cost efficacy, volume, delivery and intensity of services provided